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Post by Miss Izabell on Mon Oct 20, 2008 7:41 am

We believe in free speech... BUT:Izabell, Johnny and Tracy hate people who do not type out their words. Therefore we would prefer it if you did not speak in text or gangsta language. For example: "I iz da shit man" If you do so Izabell will purposefully follow you around the forum correcting your posts.If you Type Like This with a capital at the beginning of each word, you will be severly dealt with Because.It.Is.Incredibly.Annoying.And.Completely.Unnecessary. Please don't, for your own sake as well as ours.Correct grammar and punctuation is a MUST.

Most importantly: Be nice to Johnny and Tracy... and sometimes Izabell.

I'd like to point out that this new WM forum will stay a DRAMA FREE ZONE.No bitching, fighting or arguing ... unless they're a troll that deserves it, or they're naked mud wrestling fights that we are all invited to watch.Problems should be sorted out in private, unless you feel it is something serious in which case you should tell an admin.

It would also be nice if, since this is a WM forum, we could try to keep our negative points to the designated areas and not make those that are still in the rose tinted fantarded phase feel like they're not welcome.And just let me clarify that we mean no offence with the word 'fantard' [well maybe a little] ... its just an apt description of the first stages of a celeb obsession, we've all been there, but it can become tiresome reading over and over again how amazing Wentworth is and how much you want marry him/have his babies/steal his underpants etc. Please get over it, and quickly.

No threads about WM'S children/girlfriends/wives/boyfriends/family etc can be posted on the main forum unless they are press releases and generally public property.

Remember, we may own WM (lol) but we do not own his family. nono

You will not be able to change your username once you have registered, you'll have to ask an admin/mod to do it. This prevents the numerous name changes that confuse people.Names such as 'mrsmiller' or 'millerslover' will not be allowed, and will be changed to something along the lines of 'Mrs. Unimaginative'. This is not because we are discriminating towards Miller fans, its simply because we do not need 200 members with the same name, how are we supposed to tell you apart?! Besides, you people really need to use more imagination, honestly ::PP: Save us all the trouble and choose a DECENT name that you put more than 2 seconds thought into.Thank you!


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